This is 'take two' for me. I was almost finished typing my blog and my 2 year old pressed the power button on my laptop. Of course, I didn’t save it and I couldn’t find the recovery file! Never a dull moment around here!

The first call I made upon the erasing of my blog was one of desperation to my mother. She is my ‘go to’ girl for anything that I need advice about. What better person than one who has been through, and survived, three children? If one of my kids does something awful, I call her. If I need motivation to clean my house (or write my blog) I call her!

It’s funny because when I was going through my teen years, I thought my mom was by far the stupidest person in the world (sorry Mom). She didn’t understand me. She didn’t understand being a teenager. She didn’t understand ANYTHING! Now as a mom, I realize that all of the things she said and did were out of love. I look back and feel so guilty for all of my crazy antics and mean words. Having a daughter and two sons and a husband whose work took him away a lot couldn’t have been a piece of cake and I really wish I would have made things easier for her now. She loves to tell me how she can’t wait for my children’s teen years so I can be paid back!

No matter your age, your mother is someone to turn to when you need love, support or comfort. No one can be there for you like your mom. I laugh at my brother b/c he says anything made by our mom is always better. He says that even a glass of ice water is better if she makes it. That is so true! There is just something about YOUR MOM!
My mom is always there for me, no matter how trivial my needs may be. She’s always the one to say just what I need to hear. Most often what I need to hear is “suck it up and get on with it.”

I asked my Facebook friends, what ‘pearls of wisdom’ their moms have passed down to them. I loved the answers. There is something about reading about a mother’s love that just brings a tear to my eye.

Brandi, mom of 1, says the most important thing her mother taught her was to be a woman of independence, while Sara, a mom of 3 had this to say about her mother:

“My Mom has done so many great things for me! She always taught me to be positive and that things work out for the best!”

Mandi, a mom of 1, says her mom taught her to always be herself and to never compromise herself for anyone. She also taught her to always be kind to everyone. Mandi accredits her mother for the mother she is today.

“I could go on and on and on! I would not be the person or mother I am today without her,” said Mandi.

As you all know, Mother’s Day is coming up and Torin Bales Fine Jewelry is doing a really great give away! All you have to do is go to and write a letter to your mother or to the mother of your children. Torin will personally mail your letter. Each entry will receive a $50 gift certificate and a box of Godiva chocolates. The most loving moment will win a strand of Mikimoto pearls for Mother’s Day!

I went by the store earlier this week to check out these pearls and they are GORGEOUS! I think a string of pearls is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The pearl takes a long time to develop, just like the wisdom of a mother takes a long time to develop. Pearls are also valuable, just like a mother is valuable to her children. I know my mother has given me many ‘pearls of wisdom’ and I can’t think of a more fitting gift than a beautiful string of pearls for a beautiful mom.

To my mom, thanks for being the best mother! I appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do for me. Love you!