The world of Metallica was rocked on Sept. 27, 1986, when the band's bassist -- Cliff Burton -- was killed in a bus accident. He joined up with the group just four years earlier, but in that time, provided an immense amount of influence on the sound that has made them famous.

Metallica decided to pay homage to their fallen friend by way of a free download of a show from their 'Ride The Lightning' tour, a Nov. 22, 1984, concert in France. The band recently posted a link to the download via their Facebook page along with a picture of Burton. The caption, "We miss you," sits aside the photo, which has so far garnered nearly 300,000 likes from fans and almost 22,000 shares.

Burton was an extreme figure in the formation of Metallica's voice. The 2009 publication of 'To Live Is To Die: The Life And Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton,' chronicles the achievements of the 24-year-old rockstar. The forward was written by Burton's close friend and fellow Metallica member, Kirk Hammett; with a range of musicians providing separate introductions.