Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses fans know Matt Sorum is one hard-hitting drummer.

Lately, though, it’s his words — not his stick work — that have packed a mighty punch, as Sorum has taken the media to task for the way it has dealt with the death of pop star Whitney Houston.

Sorum started things off with a Feb. 13 post on his Twitter page that defended Houston as well as fellow recent music casualties Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson.

“These were sensitive artists in the public eye,” Sorum wrote. “You wouldn’t understand their pressure unless you were in their shoes. Not everyone can handle pain in the real world. Pressure mounted with fear is the most scary feeling ever.”

Sorum goes on to say that when he experienced similar feelings, he turned to drugs. “Luckily, I got help and people helped me. Let’s love one another and help one another.”

That was only the opening act for Sorum. He followed that with another Twitter post in which he berated a crew from the celebrity gossip website TMZ for being “negative and disrespectful” with their Houston coverage.

“They asked me questions about Whitney, and I told them they are part of the problem,” Sorum stated. “I told them I am appalled and angry. We need to take a look at the negative press and bashing our national treasures while they are here. Everyone has struggles, but now there are TV shows to promote them and make money off of their struggles. It’s wrong.”