Without notice, event producers of the Winter Nationals Monsters and Motorsports Spectacular canceled its Saturday afternoon event, refusing to give ticket holders a refund breaking the hearts of many local kids and leaving many parents searching for answers.

The matinee event, which was scheduled at 2 p.m., was specifically designed for children, promising the first 500 a free toy. Afternoon ticket holders were able to use their tickets at the the evening show, which started at 7:30 p.m.

One local woman returned to Rent A Tire, where she purchased her tickets, to try to get some answers.  Instead, the store manager locked himself in his office and refused to come out and talk to her.  The manager at Rent A Tire said the event promoters had already picked up all of the cash from the store, and he did not have any money to return to customers. He also said the event promoter, Ron Woodbridge, said to tell customers that there absolutely would not be any refunds.

Another promoter for the event, Steve Quercio, who is in California, said he would uphold any refund to customers who were unable to use their ticket at the evening show but then changed his mind and said to tell them to contact the Victoria Community Center.

Quercio said it was the community center's fault that he had to cancel the event.

Race Track Promotions leased the arena from the community center for $550 for the day. The promoters with Victoria Comic Con rented the dome at the center, also for the day, paying $1,150.  And as of Friday evening, both the Comic Con promoters and Monster Truck promoters were in agreement over the shared use of the Community Center.  Unfortunately, the Monster Truck promoters canceled the Saturday matinee show at the last minute claiming they had no idea the venue was double booked.

In any case, seems like Victoria residents were royally screwed by these promoters for the monster truck show and if you would like to get a message to Mr. Woodbridge I just happened to look up his contact information for you.

Ron Woodbridge
Chief Operating Officer
PMTRA - Outlaw Motorsports
6599 E. Thomas Rd Suite #2092
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Office: 480.219.6502
Fax: 480.219.6560
Mobile: 480.772.7490
E-mail: ron.woodbridge@yahoo.com

And by the way.  According to multiple sources, Mr. Woodbridge personally kicked a little girl and her family out of the monster truck's evening show simply for purchasing a cupcake from the Comic Con's concession stand.  Be sure to let him know how you feel about that too.