If you've turned on CNN or read the news lately, you've probably heard about 19-year-old Miranda Barbour, a young woman who is accused of killing a man she met via a Craigslist ad, and who has confessed to killing at least 22 other people as part of a Satanic cult. But regardless of her association with the cult, Korn's Jonathan Davis says that Satan really has nothing to do with it.

Speaking with TMZ (as seen in the video above), Davis stated, "They just blame that s--- on the devil cause they've been blaming it on the devil forever. It's got nothing to do with the devil."

At one point in his life, the Korn vocalist had a fascination with serial killers, going so far as to purchase memorabilia from convicted serial killers Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy, but Davis says he will not be ponying up for any items from Barbour.

In fact, Davis says that his serial killer fascination is behind him, adding, "I'm past that. It was something I was into at the time cause I worked in a coroner's office and was doing autopsies and stuff like that."

Barbour told The Daily Item (via MSN) that she killed a man that she and her husband met through Craigslist and that she had been involved in at least 22 other killings while being a member of a cult.