KLUB 106.9 and Miller Lite are celebrating the 106 Days of Summer with the KLUB 106.9 Miller Lite Friday Cooldown! Join Hopkins every Friday afternoon from 4 pm to 7 pm as we start to think about the weekend, summer fun, hunting season, and ice-cold Miller Light!

Grab the free KLUB 106.9 mobile app so you can be a part of the fun! Send Hopkins a photo of you and your friends loving life with Miller Lite just like the folks did in the photos we got today via the app. Drop your phone number in the button below and the app download will begin. Once you have the app downloaded on your phone you can submit a photo for the Miller Lite Friday Cooldown. You can also submit your requests for the ride home in addition to your "cooldown squad"!

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Grab the app or submit a Miller Lite Friday Cooldown photo using the form below and keep listening for more fun events and prizes that are all a part of the 106 Days of Summer with KLUB 106.9!

Right now you can win $200 worth of Auto Detailing from Amerian Detail Supply. Just click the button below to find out more!

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