The always outspoken John Lydon dipped into the debate on drugs during the U.K. program ‘Question Time’ Friday night (July 6). The vocalist argued that drugs should be legalized, but he put a condition on what would need to happen for that to occur.

During the panel discussion, the Sex Pistols singer stated, “I want everything in life to be transparent, and that includes information. Young people are denied information in anyway to understand what it is that’s being offered to them. That’s why you get unwanted pregnancies and stupid drug casualties. Things are out there. Why can’t the correct information be easily accessed?”

The singer stated that since many of the drugs that are illegal are created by companies, it should be easier to access the information of the effects of the drugs and have that be public knowledge.

He added, “I don’t see why these things should be illegal if the correct information is out there. Here’s the problem – you can kill yourself with two tablespoons of table salt. Are we now going to ban table salt? … Let us as human beings determine our own journey in life.”

The singer argues that there are many factors that go into drug taking, but in the end he feels the biggest issue for those getting involved with drugs is disinformation. He adds, “It creates this subculture that drugs are somehow cool and friendly. Eliminate that from the agenda.”

Watch John Lydon Argue on the Topic of Drugs