No, this can't be for real. I've seen more than my share of science fiction movies and read plenty of sci-fi novels, but this dose of reality may just be too much to handle, even for people that aren't squeamish. Before I tell you about what these Japanese scientists are working on, let me ask you, have you eaten recently? If so, you may want to let it digest before you go on. Ready? Okay, here goes. It seems a Japanese scientist has developed a way to create steaks from human feces. That's right, poop. Turds. Crap. Sh*t. Well, you get the idea.  Yuck!

It seems that a Tokyo sewage company approached a scientist about what to do with an overabundance of sewage mud. In studying the topic, researcher Mitsuyuki Ikeda discovered that it contained a lot of protein. So, Ikeda then removed the protein, and combined it with what is called a "reaction enhancer", and then through another process created the artificial steak.  Food coloring, and soy protein are added for color and flavor enhancement. In initial tests, people say it even tastes like beef.

Suuuure it does. Butt steak...rump probably tastes like crap! Get it? crap! Sorry, too easy.

Don't worry about it showing up at the grocery store anytime soon, because thanks to research costs, it runs about 10-20 times what actual meat costs.

Whew, that's a relief!

Via Yahoo News