Okay.  Got your attention with that headline, didn't I?  Don't lie.  It made you want to go out and shake a Thousand people's hands.  This is not an article knocking one of Victoria's great statesmen.  This is simply voicing my displeasure of the "Best of Victoria" from Sunday's Victoria Advocate. 

The list made me cringe a little bit.  Sorry, but it's true.  How can there be a top three Italian Restaurants, when I can only think of two.  And don't get me wrong.  I love me some pizza by the slice at Nikki Roma's in the mall.  But that AIN'T an Eye-Talian restaurant.   This was a common theme throughout the entire "Best Of" newspaper section.

Gary Moses was voted 2nd runner up for "Best Media Personality". Uhhhmmmmm...Media personality?  Really?  Local Celebrity?  yes.  Media Personality?  No.  Fraid Not. 

In fact Gary Moses won, don't quote me here, four different superlatives.  Plus he finished runner-up in several other categories. 

And Sweet Feathery Moses (no pun intended), it's ridiculous how specific these lists get.  Best Appetizer?  Why not, just best food?  And I realize that this is not the Advocate's doing.  This has been done by MOST newspapers in other cities for a looooong time.   But it gets too specific.  Is this part of the "everybody gets a trophy" mentality?  Or is it because the advertsing "community" feels that it doesn't want to leave paying clients out? 

And most everything has nothing to do with Victoria.  Other than Mexican Restaurants, we're a small city (or big town) full of chain franchises.  Do you think Subway would win best sandwhich in Philadelphia?  Or Houston?  Or Even San Antone?  This "Best Of Victoria" could've focused a little more on "Victoria"...We do have some locally owned delis don't we?  I think.  Maybe?  If not, why even bother including it as a category?

By the way, If you win "Best Mexican Restaurant" in such a poll...you rock.  Seriously.  Now that is an accomplishment.  Best Sushi?  Not so much.    Best Metal Building manufacturer would be worthy of praise as well. 

Just Sayin'.