Police brutality met inmate stupidity earlier this week.

Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski claims police beat him during an interview in a holding cell after they arrested him last month.

There was just one teeny tiny problem: surveillance video shows he beat himself up. Don'cha just hate when that happens?

Tomaszewsk, 33, was hauled in on stalking and sexual abuse charges in Oregon's Lane County. His face certainly looked like it had been on the receiving end of a few upper cuts and he even went so far as to claim he planned to press charges.

Lane County Sheriff's Office

Not since Seahawks coach Pete Carroll elected to throw on the 1-yard-line has someone made such a boneheaded decision.

Authorities did a quick review and found Tomaszewski punching himself in the face while behind bars. A four-minute video shows he hit himself nearly four dozen times. For his completely idiotic plan falling apart, he should slap himself again a few times.

After he was informed about the video's existence, Tomaszewski said he pulled the scam in the hopes of getting out of jail early.

The scam backfired, to put it mildly. He would up receiving 40 days in jail, $600 in fines and three years of probation.