Every year Christmas gifts get weirder and weirder.  And this year is no exception.  Pretty soon I'm willing to bet 90% of gifts will come in the form of a gift card.  Sure, it's impersonal and requires little thought but hey....it works.

Well there will still be people, like myself, who like to put thought into Christmas gifts.  And if you have a hard to shop for stoner on your list this year (thankfully, I do not) then have I got the gift for you.

Vetements, a French company that charges $900 for t shirts, has decided to offer up an obscenely priced piece of jewelry perfect for the fashionable smoker.  A weed grinder necklace.  The price tag?  A mere $750 US.  Small price to pay for that perfect accessory.  Or a large price to pay....either way, as Simon Cowell says..."That's a no from me".