This guy's business idea is so dumb that instead of saying, "Why didn't I think of that?," you'll be asking yourself, "Why did someone think of that?"

Alex Craig, 24, is the man mad genius behind Potato Parcel, a website where people send personalized messages on potatoes, filling a void in the world that has needed to be filled for centuries. Idiotic? Yup, but guess what? Craig, who hails from North Texas, claims he's bringing in $10,000 a month since launching his website in May:

We've sent thousands of potatoes to people across the United States, and so, in some sort of weird way, we've had an impact on somebody's life -- even for a split second."

Much like the people who tell him wearing overalls with sunglasses (see the video below) is a no-no, Craig ignored the doubters (read: his girlfriend) when he had the lightning bolt moment when he thought this would be a wise business venture.

That's because Craig was onto something despite his lady love's protests. People actually cough up between $8 and $10 to send an anonymous message.

And Craig is laughing all the way to the bank, proving that people in their 20s don't need to start at the bottom to make it big. They just need overalls, a supermarket club card to buy mass quantities of potatoes and a dream.