You've heard similar stories before, where an image of Jesus is seen on ordinary objects, like a piece of toast, on a dirty garage door, or in a misshapen Doritos chip. Well,  in Lenoir County, NC, there is a utility pole with some Kudzu growth on it that some say resembles Jesus on the cross. Oddly enough, the plant that has been called "the vine that ate the south," is only on this one particular pole in the Jackson Heights neighborhood. Kent Hardison runs a hot dog stand nearby the utility pole, and he said noticed the growth one day while passing by, and considered spraying it with herbicide, until he looked up and saw the divine resemblance. That's when he thought to himself 'you can't spray Jesus with Roundup'.

I love that quote. It sounds like a colloquialism, doesn't it? I have no idea what it would mean, but I can't wait to use it in a conversation one day. "Yup, you can't spray Jesus with Roundup.

Whatever that means.