You know how it's awkward to be on an elevator with a stranger? Well, this is much worse.

A man in Lauderdale Lakes, Fla. jumped on an elevator and robbed a 77-year-old woman, but didn't do it fast enough to get off, so he had to stay with her while they rode it to the next floor before he fled on the fourth floor. The crime took place in the woman's apartment building.

Wow, what do you do in that situation? Do you just look ahead? Talk about the weather? Ask the other person to hit the floor you want? Maybe the robber should've really pushed his luck and asked the woman for directions to the freeway.

Getting robbed clearly scared the victim, Loraine Bain, but the fact they had to remain in the same enclosed spot afterward left more of a mark:

That was the horrendous thing, to be honest. Had he been able to get out and take what he wanted, it wouldn't have been as traumatic as it was."

This is just such an uncomfortable moment, kind of like watching a sex scene with your parents -- you can't look away, yet you'd rather be in any other place.

The thug should consider himself lucky no one was there when the doors opened because it made what could have been a tough getaway remarkably easier. He made off with $35 in cash, Bain's cellphone and other paraphernalia from her purse.

Yes, he got away, but if you're the type of person who robs old ladies in elevators you can bet karma jotted your info down, put it in his smartphone and will dig it up when you least expect it.