I remember when I used to live in New Mexico. It was about 45 minutes from El Paso, and one thing I always remember was that as soon as you crossed the state line, drivers were suddenly going much faster. Needless to say, I  got with the program rather quickly. Problem was, it was still over the posted 70 mph limit.

Well, no more fellow travelers, because our fair Lone Star State is building a highway with an 85 miles per hour speed limit. Awesome!

The toll road, which opens in November, will span 41 miles, running from Austin to Seguin. It will be the fastest road in the country, beating out the previous record of 80 mph.

And while the idea might be pretty cool for drag racers and 'Fast and the Furious' stuntmen, we all know that many of us already do 80 on highways, so our guess is that we can say hello to the introduction of speeds anywhere from 95 to 110mph in Texas.

On the bright side, if you don't die in a gnarly accident, you'll get where you're going much faster.