Can you move quickly? Got a decent throwing arm? then get ready for the 1st Annual “Dodge This” Dodgeball Tournament. The tournament kicks off this Saturday June 9th at Riverside Park.

Teams consist of 6-8 people, with registration is $220.  That may seem like a lot, but consider this-the winning team will receive BEER FOR A YEAR for each player!  No worries if you’ve got minors on your team…they will get a YEAR’S SUPPLY of a sports drink.

Don’t leave the tournament early because the fun won’t be over yet!  At the end of the tourney, t there will be a Last Man Standing competition.  All the dodge ballers that played earlier that day will be invited to go back into the cage.  With only 2 dodge balls in the cage,  be the last man standing and win $200 CASH!

There will be a DJ, food, dunk booth, games for the kids, a movie tent, jumpy bounce room, and most importantly dodgeball.

You can go to for more information and to enter your team.  Or call JR Pena 361-212-9965 or Letty Sepulveda 361-652-1063.

All proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club.