The notorious battle of the burgers has made it to the Crossroads. Everyone knows Texans love their Whataburger, but Pooks lived in California for many, many years, and let me tell you, we love our In-n-Out just as much! Texans are headstrong and believe Whataburger is the ultimate burger destination, all others are sub-par, but In-n Out goers are not backing down on their stance either. 

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Top Reasons Why Whataburger is #1

W. Adams/ TSM Media
  • I'm sorry, is any other burger chain notorious for their ketchup?
  • Because: Patty Melts!
  • Whataburger holds sentimental value to Texans. They showcase their Texas history in their menu items, ads, and even in the restaurants' artwork. 

Whataburger is a force to be reckoned with. They make fantastic food and have an army of Texans behind them. Their burgers go hard on any day of the week, and their ketchup holds secrets that can not be decoded. Their rich Texas history really hooks Texans and makes them love the burger chain even more than they already do.

Top Reasons Why In-n-Out is #1

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Three words: Animal Style Fries!
  • Friendly quick service

It's no secret that California's love clean and fresh food. That may be why In-n-Out is such a hit on the West Coast. You'll never see a bag of fake french fries in that facility. No, you can literally watch the workers cut fresh potatoes and then fry the hand-cut potatoes in their clean oil to make those delicious animal-style fries everyone raves about. 


To be honest, I've tried both. Personally, they are both pretty good. Living in Texas, Whataburger is more convenient, but my face and heart light up at the sight of an In-n-Out. Take the poll below and settle the score; who is the ultimate burger chain, the infamous Texas Whataburger, or the West Coast favorite In-n-Out?


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