Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes is getting ready to release the sophomore album from his other band, . The new disc, 'We're All Gonna Die,' drops on Nov. 26, and you can now check out the lyric video for 'Vegas' (watch above).

“I wrote the lyrics to this song after watching a documentary about meth,” says Dukes. “It's a fictional story, but I'm sure it happens every day in reality. When I hear the song, it's like a little movie in my head.”

It's the first Generation Kill album for drummer Jim DeMaria and guitarist Jason Velez. The rest of the lineup includes Dukes, guitarist Jason Trenzcer (ex-Mutilation) and bassist Rob Moschetti (ex-M.O.D.). 'We're All Gonna Die' is available for pre-order here.

Generation Kill financed the recording of their second album on their own, working with producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Sepultura). They took an old school approach to writing the songs, modeling the record after their favorite metal albums that had only about eight or nine songs. In the video below, Dukes and Moschetti talk about the writing and recording process for 'We're All Gonna Die.'

Rob Dukes and Rob Moschetti Talk Generation Kills' 'We're All Gonna Die'