Florida...it's the Germany of the United States. That is to say, it seems like most of the dumb criminals, weirdos doing weird things kind of stories come from the Sunshine State these days. It seems like only yesterday, they mostly came from Germany. Here's a dumb criminal of the perverted variety, who ended up incriminating himself. 33 yr old Eric Aurthur Efaw told authorities that he had placed a video camera "6 or 7 other times over the past 2 months", but this time he managed to incriminate himself. When the manager of a Starbucks Cafe in Riverview noticed a camera attached to a pipe underneath a sink in the bathroom.  The manager called police, and after reviewing the video, they discovered a clear shot of a license plate that was  captured, when Efaw he had forgotten to turn off the camera, when placing in in his car's trunk.

Perving in a public place-1;  incriminating yourself with stupidity-1. Final  score: Epic Fail!