Last weekend was New York’s CBGB Festival, and judging from the reports, saying that it rocked would be an understatement. The festival was put together to help commemorate the history of the legendary club, one known for its underground culture and utter grungy rock feel.

Things got completely crazy when Glen Matlock, bassist of the Sex Pistols, joined in with Duff McKagan‘s band Loaded. Together they rocked out to The Stooges ‘ I Wanna Be Your Dog’. Everyone loves some Iggy Pop.

During the show, Duff addressed the crowd, saying, “Without CBGB allowing [underground] bands to play, it’s arguable whether bands like Metallica and Guns N’Roses would exist.” It’s hard to argue otherwise!

The festival was a huge success, allowing fans of all types to let loose and gather for a completely much-needed good time.

Watch Glen Matlock Join Duff McKagan’s Loaded At CBGB Music Festival