Here comes another one of those "MAN" burgers.  The kind with an aggressive marketing campaign, aimed at the "Man's Man". 

Hardee's did it with their "Monster Thick Burger", which boasts 1,320 calories and 95 g's of FAT!! 

 KFC did it with thedebut of their "Doubledown", which has no bun, instead using Two slabs of Fried Chicken to sandwhich pieces of bacon and cheese.  They did before that with the "Mashed Potato Bowl", where they have made a ghoulash of sorts with everybody's favorite stuff packed into one bowl. 

And now Denny's has added the "Macaroni & Cheeseburger" Sandwhich.  It's 1,690 calories!!

They sell it as "MAN food"!!!

You know the type of man, we're talking about here. The kind that thinks their wife should be skinny, but doesn't think he should have to hold up his end of the bargain.

"I go to work and earn money.  I work hard and if I wanna eat a Macaroni and cheeseburger sandwhich with 1,690 calories, I will...Coz I'm a MAN".

The commercials for these kind of food set it up as though the women and wimps of the world are eating salad and healthy foods, but a REAL MAN...he eats  a Macaroni & cheeseburger Sandwhich.

Good God, man.  Have a little pride. The right kind of pride.  Don't be proud of eating that sandwhich.  Be proud you look good and that your spouse/lady friend/coitus partner finds you attractive!  Which they won't, if you eat more than one of these per year.

IF you're gonna eat this thing, at least don't eat anything else for the rest of the day.  You're going to have to balance it all out.  Jesus, that's A LOT of calories and Fat.

Besides we all know that real MEN eat freshly clubbed Baby Seals.  Like me. can really taste that pain.  And it's delicious.