So, we hear that Dallas is among the Top 10 cities more people are moving to, and if you're in the market for a humble abode there, and you just happen to have $100 million-plus lying around, then have we got a deal for you.

Dallas’ Crespi-Hicks Estate is officially for sale, with an asking price of $135 million, making it the priciest residence on the market in the US.

The home isn't so much a home as it is a utopian paradise. The main house has five stories, while the guesthouse has two and the pool house comes with three. The property itself is 42,000 square feet over 25 acres, which means you can host the most legendary game of hide and seek ever.

The estate is currently owned by former Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks, who forked over $100 million in upgrades after buying the residence 16 years ago.

Since it costs $135 million, you’d better believe this property has everything you -- or any small nation, for that matter -- needs. It comes with a mirrored Art Deco bar, a gym, a tennis court, a pool, a pond, a rose and vegetable gardens and a home theater. Basically, it’s a suburb unto itself and you’ll never have to worry about tapping a broom on the ceiling to make sure your neighbor turns down his music.

Speaking of neighbors, the house is in an exclusive neighborhood that former President George W. Bush also calls home. Wonder if he'll bring you a cake to welcome you to the block.