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Turkey Trot 2021

For several months now I've been doing my best to watch my calories and work out. Turns out, two main keys to maintaining a healthy weight and feeling good, are increasing your daily activity and eating healthy.

Who would have thought, right?

When I started this quest for living a healthier lifestyle, it was summertime. We are now approaching the holidays and as a trainer once said, " If you fail to plan likely it will be a plan to fail." I need a plan for holiday eating.

I know I am not alone in not wanting to lose my momentum even during the holidays.

Because let me be honest, a day of "taking a break" always leads to me dropping the ball entirely.

Thanks to the Victoria Area Road Runners Association, you can have your turkey AND eat it too.

The Victoria Area Road Runners Association is a running club open to runners of all levels in Victoria who typically run on Monday night, Wednesday night, and Saturday morning at Riverside Park.

Continuing the tradition started by Cryo Depot, the Crossroads is welcome to join the VARRA Thanksgiving morning for their Turkey Trot 5K at 7:30 am at Patriot Park.

You can register for $35.00 at

Ofelia Elizondo who has been running 5Ks for over ten years in Victoria, who recently ran Mt. Rushmore, and who happens to write the local blog, "Fitness, Faith and Friendship" offers that her mission is to invest in people, which is why she is a part of the Victoria Area Road Runners Association.

Ofelia offers, "My favorite quote that I carry with me is "Consistency beats skill, even on the holidays. It's not about excuses, it's about consistency. It really is that simple."

On a fun side note, Ofelia's first 5K was for the Sweat Equity Challenge which I was a part of to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. Her love of running started with my first organized 5K!


Maybe this is the year to start a new family Thanksgiving tradition?

Take a run with family and friends at the Turkey Trot and then dig in?

For more information on the Turkey Trot 5K, the VARRA you can click here.

Alright turkeys, I'm motivated! Let's run!

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