The guitar has always been the driving force in rock n' roll. The players who master the 6-string have always been our musical heroes, from back in the day to the virtuosos who constantly take guitar playing to unimaginable heights. The list of names that have awed fans and influenced players is extensive, going all the way back to Robert Johnson, Django Reinhardt, Chuck Berry and Les Paul, to newer guitar Gods like Jimi Hendrix,  Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani and countless others. One thing is for sure, opinions vary greatly as to who is the best. While that question has no correct answer, as least we can pay tribute to the greats on the internet through fan pages, videos  and e-books.

Here is a very cool site that I was turned on to recently called WristRock's Guitar Maniacs.  It's described on the site as  "A Video eBook of articles, artist links, interviews, and music videos of the best performances of the world's greatest guitarists. Whether you are a fan of
Segovia or Hendrix, Atkins or Montgomery... from Blues to Bluegrass... from
long hair Classical to really long-haired Glam bands, you'll find hours of
entertainment in this project sponsored by the Music in Education Foundation.

This site has tons of great videos of the greatest guitar players in the world from every genre. Check it out. And check out some killer guitar work below.

All videos via WristRock's Guitar Maniacs