Good for him.  I'm with Chuck.  I know some of you might wonder how anyone could be on the side of a guy that appears as screwed up as Charlie Sheen.   Here's my point :  Charlie Sheen is honest.

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His honesty is truly refreshing.  Instead of pretending he's sorry for the suitcases full of cocaine, the 20 year old pornstars, chugging bottles of vodka, the 19 year old pornstars, his frivolous spending on baseball memorabilia or even the 18 year old pornstars, he just says..."Can't a guy have a little fun?". 

Wow.   At least he's not hiding anything.  At least he's not pretending to be someone he's not.  Well, he is an actor.  So he does pretend to be someone else, but he gets paid millions of dollars to do it.  That's different.

Charlie Sheen seems to be enjoying his life, even if he is wrecking it.  He doesn't want to go to rehab.  He doesn't want to get "better".  He just wants to be the eternal frat boy.   Fine with me.   He thinks it should be fine with CBS, which airs his hit show "Two and a Half Men", as long as it doesn't effect his work.  He's kind of got a point there too.  So be it.  He's got the #1 sitcom on TV.   His brother Emilio got old too fast.  How far did it get him.  Do you think he's having as much fun as Charlie right now?  I highly doubt it.

I just read that he's thrown two parties in the last two weeks.  One where he flew in two dozen major league baseball stars to watch his movie "Major League" in his home theater.  That's pretty sweet.  Then flew a bunch of friends in to watch "Jaws" , at sea, aboard a 100-foot yacht.  Wow.

He's Richie Rich...with pornstars and cocaine. Should he apologize ?  I'm not sure.  But he doesn't have to.  Nobody can make him.  Obviously he doesn't feel guilty.

If you're one who judges Charlie Sheen for doing what he considers a "good time", ask yourself this question...Would you attend a Charlie Sheen party if he asked you to be there?  I know I would.