Disappointed voters seemed to want a way out last night and tried to weigh their options in mass numbers.

The official Canadian immigration website crashed Tuesday night as election results came in, suggesting many Americans are considering leaving the U.S.  Whether or not they go through with it is another story but they sure were looking into it in record numbers.

A handful of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Bryan Cranston and Samuel L. Jackson, said they'd move elsewhere if Trump wins the White House.  We shall see if they follow through.

Canada has hinted that it would assist disgruntled U.S. citizens should they look to relocate.

But, if you remember back in 2008, People were adamant about moving to another country if Obama was elected...we all saw how that turned out.

It seems to be people's go to response and I doubt there is any merit behind most of it.  But, all I know is no matter who would have won the election last night, I'd be here at work just like I am every other day.  I will continue to pay my bills, go grocery shopping, put gas in my car and go to the Dr. when I have to......and so will you.