We all knew Bruce Springsteen was a master poet and songwriter, but who knew the guy was an financial oracle? Apparently Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister did, naming “The Boss” as his economic hero.

With reports from the Guardian, Wayne Swan — an Aussie treasurer — believes that Bruce predicted the current economic crisis America unfortunately finds itself in, stating in a recent lecture, “You can hear Springsteen singing about the shifting foundations of the US economy which the economists took much longer to detect, and which of course everyone is talking about now.”

Listening back to various songs of Springsteen’s past and present, it is quite remarkable just how many quotes he sings that can easily be applied today. As an example, Wayne brings up the 1978 track ‘Badlands’: ‘Poor man wanna be rich / Rich man wanna be king / And a king at satisfied til he rules everything.’ It does sound hauntingly familiar.

While “The Boss” might indeed have been able to coincidentally predict the future of America, it’s unlikely that he’s giving up his music career. Earlier this week — July 31 — he rocked out in Helsinki, Finland, in what would be his longest set ever — four hours and six minutes!

In fact, his current European tour has been nothing but lengthy sets. And while fans absolutely ate it up, the crew at London’s Hard Rock Calling weren’t as elated, deciding to pull the plug while Bruce was onstage with Paul McCartney after they went over the show’s assigned end time.

Pulling the cord on “The Boss” and a Beatle? Doesn’t sound like a good idea!