Looking through my phone a picture popped up that I forgot about. Let me start by saying the breakfast taco game is strong in Victoria.  From Pico De Gallo, back in the day, TNT and Don Lupe-Licious we have always had a plethora of choices. So I was in shock when I received this taco. Back in January, my family picked up breakfast tacos in Austin before we flew out. Are you kidding me? This breakfast taco cost me almost five bucks. Not only was it tiny it was made with a store-bought tortilla. Do people in Austin really consider this a breakfast taco?


Shortly after we returned from our trip, we took a breakfast run to La Carreta in Navarro and my faith in breakfast tacos was restored. The picture below shows was a Victoria taco looks like.  Pictured is the large taco from LaCarreta and comes with 6 eggs alongside and a bunch of bacon and cheese.  That is how you do breakfast tacos, Austin, Texas!

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Coming soon, Ingra and I will be taking our show back on the road to find the best breakfast tacos in the Crossroads!  It will also be your chance to win breakfast tacos for the office. Be sure you download our new station app so you can let me know where you would like your tacos delivered!  Just search for K-I-X-S in the App Store and Google Play Store and install.  I could show up anywhere in the Crossroads next Tuesday!  What is your favorite taco spot?

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