Well, if this isn’t embarrassing, nothing is.

A man in Britain recently had to call that country's version of 911 because – drum roll, please – he got a toilet paper holder stuck in his keester.

He couldn’t move, but was able to make the call, thanks to his cell phone (which was presumably within arm’s reach).

Fireman descended onto the scene to liberate the fella, while paramedics treated him for injuries. There’s no word whether the rescue crews themselves had to be treated for laughter.

The incident came to a close when fireman offered “suitable advice” to make sure the man took the necessary steps to make sure it didn’t happen again, which begs the question: do you really need advice to make sure you don’t get a toilet paper holder wedged into your bunghole? And since when is that a skill firemen are trained at passing on to those less enlightened?