Usually, being really good at athletics ensures you a spot on your school’s teams. Not so in the case of Keeling Pilaro, a teen from Long Island, New York.

In what feels like a case of reverse discrimination, Pilaro, 13, is not allowed to play on his field hockey team simply because he’s too good.

Pilaro, one of the team’s leading scorers, is the only male on an all-female team. Therein lies part of the problem.

Some feel the fact that he is so good and that he is a boy creates an unfair advantage. Section 11, which governs high school sports in New York’s Suffolk County, has blocked Pilaro’s participation this year. “As a sport it’s a girls sport,” Section 11′s Ed Cinelli said. “When a boy plays, it leads the way for other male players to come in and take over.”

Pilaro, on the other hand, just wants to get on the field with his girls. “I do hope they let me play,” he said. “I really like these girls — they are my family.”

He has lost his bid to be permitted to play as well as his initial appeal, but he will try it one more time.

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