Doing something that sounds so ridiculous wouldn't even have crossed my mind.  And this is coming from a guy who wants Sonic to make a "Pulled Pork BBQ Limeade" drink.  But something like this, glasses for your chickens, is just too far.

His reasoning is obvious.  He thought the reason that his chickens could read or hit a baseball was because of their eyes, as opposed to tehir pea sized brains.  Kidding.   He actually has a pretty good reason and he may be onto something.

He thought the glasses would stop them from making direct eye contact with other chickens.  Why would you want that though?  I've always been of the opinion that you can't trust a chicken that won't look you in the eye. 

Well, he made the connection between them making direct eye contact with one another and them fighting.  So evidently, these special "chicken glasses" might lead to a more peaceful, violence free barnyard. 

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