If you're like me, you've gotten used to the South Texas summers in the sense that you know to drink lots of water and appreciate any wind that might blow through where you're at if you have to spend the day outside. The heat here can be absolutely brutal and that's why we've put together a list to make sure you know some of the best places in (and near) Victoria to cool off and go swimming.

  • New Braunfels

    Where to Swim: Schlitterbahn, Comal River, various swimming holes

    When I was but a young lad, one of the things I most looked forward to in the summer was the annual family trip to New Braunfels. We'd hit up Schlitterbahn and go tubing down the Comal and I always came back home three shades darker and completely water-logged. Those days may be long gone but whenever I get the chance, it's still worth the drive to make at least one trip in the summer to go swim in some of the coldest water I've ever come across in Texas.

    maotx, flickr
  • Splashway

    Where to Swim: Wave Pool, Pirates at Kiddie Cove, Tropical Storm

    A quick drive will land you in Sheridan, TX and then you and your family can be enjoying the water slides and various water attractions to keep you cool in the blistering heat. There's plenty of places for the kids to enjoy while the adults just enjoy a leisurely float or soak. It's hard to beat a day at the Splashway Family Waterpark.

    Splashway Family Waterpark
  • Port Lavaca Beaches

    Where to Swim: Alamo Beach, Magnolia Beach, Lighthouse Beach

    If you're in the mood for some salt water swimming, Port Lavaca is just up the road. With three beaches to choose from, it's not difficult to find a place to soak up some sun and get in the water when the that soaking of sun gets to you. There's site seeing to be done if you've had your fill of sun and surf, as well as fishing areas to be had for the angler in the family.

    Photo by Melissa Rivera
  • Coleto Creek Reservoir

    Where to Swim: It's a lake, pick a spot

    The Reservoir has long been one of my summer stomping grounds. Aside from the obvious places to swim, there's also camping grounds if you're in the mood to make a weekend of it. There are hiking trails, BBQ pits, playgrounds, and fishing piers. It's a great spot for swimming and you're sure to be able to find something to do when you start getting pruney and need to dry out a bit.

    Photo Courtesy of Jamie Powell
  • The Gritta Resort and Spa (My Backyard)

    Where to Swim: The Gritta Wetifier Pool

    It's cool, it's comfortable, it's within walking distance (for me), and I can always count on the water being crystal clear. It's my ultra-exclusive resort (aka, my backyard) and the secret of my rejuvenating water is that it's Perrier. Gallons of it. Keep that in mind if you visit because it's BYOW, Bring Your Own Water, as well as BYOP, Bring Your Own Pool. A small price to pay for the cool waters I need to keep from dying of heat stroke in South Texas. (Cute Girl not included. BYOCG)

    Photo by Amory Gritta