Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson hit the road on June 3 for the opening date of a summer run that Cooper is calling "the inevitable tour." That to me sounds like the perfect pairing of new and old. There's only one problem for us in South Texas-if we want to see the show, we'll have to travel to Grand Prarie or El Paso. Bummer, dude!

Cooper recently discussed the tour -- along with many other subjects -- during an interview with Philadelphia's 93.3 WMMR, jokingly calling his Manson team-up a meeting of "almost mythical characters" and comparing it to "Dracula meets the Wolf Man, Wolf Man meets Frankenstein." Saying Manson was preparing "more of an industrial, kind of edgy show," Cooper promised he'd deliver "all the hits -- more of an Alice Cooper vaudevillian crazy theatrical thing. With all the hits."

Asked what fans could expect to see in terms of onstage collaborations, Cooper recalled his previous performance with Manson at a Romanian rock festival and mused, "It's inevitable that we will end up doing something together ... When you get these two sick brains together, you never know what's going to show up on that stage."

As for his own set, Cooper said he's working on a "really high-energy show," adding that tour preparation starts with the concept. "You have to decide what the name of the show is -- for us, it's Raise the Dead," he said. "I try to put together a band that's the best touring band that I can possibly get. It's honestly probably the best touring band I've ever had -- it's really jelled together really, really well."

Alice Cooper / Marilyn Manson ‘Masters of Madness’ 2013 Tour Dates
6/3 — Morrison, Colo.
6/4 — Salt Lake City, Utah
6/6 — Los Angeles, Calif.
6/7 — Tucson, Ariz.
6/8 — El Paso, Texas
6/10 — Grand Prairie, Texas
6/13 — Cleveland, Ohio
6/15 — Montebello, Quebec
6/17 — Columbia, Md.
6/18 — Reading, Pa.
6/20 — Gilford, N.H.
6/23 — Pittsburgh, Pa.
6/25 — St. Charles, Mo.
6/28 — Rockford, lll.