Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit. The guy arrested in Florida for spray painting graffiti on a utility pole, wasn't exactly painting gang-related material or anything, but he was making a political statement of sorts. Charles Ignatius Wesley was arrested on criminal mischief charges when he spray painted the letters "SLA" on a utility pole, one of the hundreds he says he has painted. Wesley told authorities that he had sprayed the letters, which stand for Sane Liberated Americans, his political party. Wesley said he painted the letters on hundreds of poles over the past 5 years. Police say they have seen as many as 99 poles in the area with the graffiti. Asked about the party, Wesley said they plan to "take over the country, when the United States economy fails."

Nice. Judging by that mugshot, I'm glad to see we'll be in good hands.

Tampa Bay.com