When it comes to cities that are rated as the best for young married couples, Texas leads the way. Our state capitol, a city that also happens to be one of the coolest in the nation topped the list.  

Austin’s creative vibe and thriving art scene, earned it a spot among Forbes’ list of the 10 best cities for newlyweds. It’s one of three cities from the state to make the list.

Rent.com evaluated cities across the country for their cost of living, mean annual income, unemployment rate and rental inventory to come up with the list.

Dallas and Houston are also included — the former recommended for active couples who enjoy attending professional sporting events, and the latter for museum-buffs and foodies.

Raleigh, NC got high marks for its affordability, friendliness and favorable climate, while Denver is recommended for adventurous beer aficionados since the Colorado city brews more suds than anywhere else in the country.

Meanwhile, health nuts might like Minneapolis, which is the most bike-friendly city in the nation and was named the “Fittest City in America” on the American Fitness Index. And Washington, DC and nearby Baltimore are popular thanks to their culture and job opportunities.

The list was created in no particular order, since each city has its own standout qualities.

The 10 best cities for young newlyweds:

- Austin, TX
- Raleigh, NC
- Dallas, TX
- Kansas City, MO
- Houston, TX
- Denver, CO
- Minneapolis, MN
- Phoenix, AZ
- Washington, DC
- Baltimore, MD

Unfortunately, Victoria was left off the list AGAIN. What's up with that?