If you have been looking at apps for your new iPad, here is a site I came across the other day. With so many apps available this could help decide what to download.

Author Peter Meyers stress-tested thousands of options to put together this irresistible, page-turner of a catalog. Inside these pages, you'll find apps as magical as the iPad itself.

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3 iPad apps you probably haven't heard of, but are worth checking out


Pete's review: "It helps you discover new music, mainly indie artists. An addictive and simple visual browsing interface makes it a snap to swipe through, sample, and listen to lots of bands. Each song also comes with built-in, lyric subtitles so you can understand what the heck these people are singing about."

Strange Rain

Pete's review: "This is a weird app, but it's so original. It takes the fireworks-sculpting concept and implements it with rain drops rather than colored particles. It throws in a dose of Brian Eno-style ambient music and tries to shoehorn a story into the production. For anyone interested in what 'born digital' entertainment will look like in the years ahead, this one's a must-have."


Pete's review: "It should be called 'Sound — where did the last hour of my life go? — drop.' This music-making tool is built and ready for non musicians. It looks like a game of Pong. You position line segments around the screen and then unleash a drip drop of small sound-generating pellets on whatever lines you've arranged. Each line can produce a different tone — xylophone, guitar, piano, and so on. The distance the dropping pellets travel controls their pitch."

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Best iPad Apps

The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders

By Peter Meyers


O'Reilly Media


December 2010