Great news for makers of an area movie called 'Buck Wild', as the zombie horror comedy picked up the top award at the Hill Country Film Festival. 'Buck Wild' was shot in Goliad and Weesatche had it's big screen debut in April at the Dallas International Film Festival, and at the Hill Country Film Festival in Fredricksburg earlier this month. Taylor Thompson is one of the film's producers, and the graduate of Memorial High School cites the support she received from the community as an important part of her creativity.

The movie is about four friends on a hunting trip that goes bad after the owner of a hunter's lease is accidentally shot. The group tries to cover their tracks, but end up not only in trouble with the law, but also a hungry horde of zombies.  The film also garnered the Director's Choice Award at Sydney's A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Australia. Sounds like my kind of flick!

Check out the trailer below.