Once a week I will highlight and showcase someone local to be our Rockstar of the Week. They can't just be anybody off the street, our Rockstars of the Week are community involved, dedicated volunteers who devote much of their time helping others and improving the lives of citizens in our community. If you would like to nominate someone, please send over their info to DaveFenix@townsquaremedia.com and let me know why they should be featured as our Rockstar of the Week!

This week's Rockstar is Melissa Rivera. Melissa is an Account Executive here at the station. She grew up here in Victoria and takes part in as many charity events as she can. She is on the DeTar Healthy Women board, and has participated in countless charity events such as Team Eve and a few Texas Zoo programs. Melissa also has her hands full with her husband and son, along with 2 dogs Love and Caesar. In her spare time she enjoys watching her son Andrew play baseball. She truly has a big heart and is one of the nicest people I've personally ever met.

Join me in congratulating Melissa for being our first Rockstar of the Week!