Did you hear about the new additions to the Texas Zoo? 2 baby owlets are now residing at the zoo in Riverside Park, and officials want your help in naming them. I say we give them some rock n’ roll names, like Lennon & McCartney, Slash and Axl, or Sharon & Ozzy. What do you think? Check out the story from the Victoria Advocate.


The Texas Zoo needs your help in naming two new additions to the zoo family!

On April 25, the zoo received five rescued owlets.

Three were turned over to Bay City rehabbers, while two remained at the zoo to be used for educational purposes. You can learn more about them and see more photos in this story, "Texas Zoo gets new screech owlets (video)."

Because the owlets are sure to impact Crossroads residents young and old for years to come, Andrea Blomberg, executive director for the zoo, is inviting Advocate readers to participate in naming the baby owls.

Readers are asked to submit their name suggestions in the comment section below.

Zoo staff will announce the winning names in coming weeks.

Winners will have their names announced both on the Advocate’s website and the zoo’s newsletter.