Gone are the days of being able to expect great customer service at any retail/food establishment...which is really sad. Is it because companies like Wal Mart/McDonalds/etc only pay their employees a wage that causes them to care just enough to skim by?

Whatever the case it's getting worse...much much worse.

Case and point. Friday night, yours truly DJ'ed a local event at Victoria Public Library. Afterward, around 10pm to be exact, I realized I had not yet eaten dinner and I was pretty hungry. So, on the way home I stopped by Jack in the Box on Bus 59 across from HEB. Upon making up my mind and pulling up to the drive through I wasn't greeted with the "Welcome to Jack in the Box can I take your order" like you'd expect. No, far from it. Instead I was greeted with a female voice that simply said "Whatchu want?"

Really? "Whatchu want?" is what passes for acceptable customer service nowadays? Naturally, I'm not going to trust someone so rude and lazy to make my food so I simply drove off and went up the street to Whataburger where they still know how to speak to people like human beings. I can tell you I won't be going back to that Jack in the Box for awhile, if ever. Not sure if I'm expecting too much or what but tell me....what would YOU have done in that situation?