It's no secret to people who know me.  Snakes are my....well....less than favorite animal.  However, in this case, I think I'd make an exception....Diabetics beware!

Francesca Pitcher of North Star Cakes in Kent, U.K was asked by her daughter to make a "super scary" cake to scare her friends at her upcoming birthday party.  Mission accomplished.

According to Pitcher, every party guest had a small panic attack when they walked in and first viewed the sweet beast sitting atop the kitchen table.  Let me tell you, I would have run away screaming like a 9 year old girl at an N'Sync concert......N'Sync, they're still relevant....right?

As a matter of fact, the cake bears such a striking resemblance to a real Burmese Python that it required Pitcher to put a sign in the front window of her shop which read:

"I do NOT sell snakes"

Pitcher said after making the cake, and putting it on display, she was flooded with calls from people wanting a real life Python.

"I don't know what would possess someone to buy a Python, especially from a sweet shop"

Burmese Python, which is one of the six largest snakes in the world with most averaging 12-feet long. But it can grow up to 19 feet, and, if not handled properly, can be quite dangerous.

The only danger with Pitcher's snake, however, is to the waistline.

So I guess you can call this a fake snake cake?  Either way....pass the ice cream.