Well this Sunday is the big game in the NFL.  And let me tell you how they almost f**ked it up!

You see, the SB is played in February...which is still in the throws of winter especially in the Northeast.  Well this year is no exception.  The geniuses at the NFL decided to schedule the game at MetLife stadium...home of the New York Giants.  The problem?  It's in New Jersey and it doesn't have a roof.

No problem right?  Wrong!  Seems someone royally pissed off Mother Nature this winter and she's been a relentless bitch dropping feet of snow over the course of a couple of weeks.  Which, in turn, sent crews scrambling this past week to dig out the inside of the stadium which was literally full with feet of snow.

The game should go off Sunday without a hitch but there was talk of moving the game to Saturday or even postponing it for a week.  But luckily, the hard working crews at the stadium dug your ass out of a hole Roger Goodall.  Next time, think a little would ya?

By the way....this weekends SB should be the coldest on record.