It's NFL Conference Championship time again, and again this year, no Texas teams are represented. Congratulations to the Houston Texans who made it to the second round again, this time with starting Quarterback Matt Schaub intact, but who unfortunately couldn't get past the New England Patriots.

The Dallas Cowboys on the other hand, didn't make the playoffs, after another rather mediocre season. Where does the fault lie? Is it Tony Romo? Is it Jason Garrett? Is it Jerry Jones?

You might say it's a bit of all three, or you might say it's something else altogether. Whatever the case, changes are expected. According to a report from Sports Illustrated, Jerry Jones wants Jason Garrett to stop calling the plays, and he wants Garrett to fire his brother John, the team's tight ends coach.

Defense was also addressed with the firing of Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan, who has already been replaced by former USC Head Coach Monte Kiffin, who also served as Defensive Coordinator for 13 years for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including their Super Bowl XXXVII winning season.

What are your thoughts Cowboy fans, should Garrett also go? Should Romo go? Should Jerry Jones shut up and let his Head Coach do his job?