Every Friday 2 lucky All-Access Pass members enjoy free lunch on us, and we've got us some winners! Congratulations to Wendy Blank and Kina Veliz, who will each enjoy 2 large pizza courtesy of DoubleDave's Pizzaworks. Best of all, we deliver! DoubleDave's large pizzas are pretty huge, so that's a whole lot of great pizza, plenty to share around the office. If you happen to not be at work, we'll be happy to deliver them to wherever you are, as long as it's within city limits. If you live out of Victoria, you can still enter, because we'll make arrangements for you to get a gift certificate, so you can have some DoubleDave's the next time you're in town. So be sure to enter here, and you could be chowing down on some free DoubleDave's Pizza on Free Food Friday!