That's a question we get asked an awful lot in radio. Sometimes you get the call an hour or 3  after the song was played, all and the caller can give us is "it had a guitar intro" , or "you know, it's the song about the guy and the girl and something else about a party." That's when I usually respond with "can you be a little more vague, please?"

That's where our playlist feature comes in. All you have to do is hit up our website, and check out the recently played feature. It tells you the last 5 songs played at any given time. Not far enough back you say? There's also an option to expand that and see the last 50 songs played. That amounts to about 5 hours! Plus, the drop down gives you links for iTunes downloads and ringtones too. Pretty sweet! So, the next time you wonder what was that song I heard, anyway? Check out our playlist at Thanks for rockin' on 106.9!