As most Texans fans are this time of year, I find myself disappointed that the last few weeks of the season go so well for the team.  Lets face it, they shut down and in a big way.  But what happened?  Well, for starters, they played good teams and that exposed quite a few flaws in an otherwise stellar season.  But what should they work on at draft time?  What needs the most help?

Offensive Line:

Let's face it.  The right side of the O-Line didn't exactly make Matt Schaub's job easy this season.  During the draft you can usually pick up some good, big linemen on the cheap.

More Offensive Weapons:

Matt Schaub has a limited arsenal to work with.  Andre Johnson is getting up there in age and has perhaps lost a step or two although still extremely productive, you can't go to him every play.  I see Lestar Jean really stepping up next season which will give Schaub 1 more decent target to fire at with Owen Daniels and Arian Foster rounding out the offensive tools.  I say at least 1 more receiver is needed to give depth to the WR chart and make it at least competitive for the other WR's to work hard to keep their jobs.


Matt Schaub has GOT to learn to get more mobile.  Unless you have a huge o-line like the Patriots protecting you like they do Brady, the need to leave the pocket sometimes will always be there.  Couple that with the hole on the right side and you have issues.  I say give TJ Yates a few more snaps this coming year.  He is an underrated commodity and deserves to see more playing time in my opinion.  Oh, and did I mention they have former University of Houston QB Case Keenum on their practice squad?  What is so special about Keenum?  Oh nothing really....he just holds the NCAA record for most yards passed, completions and touchdowns.


GET RID OF SHANE GRAHAM......that is all.


With Brian Cushing healthy and JJ Watt and Connor Barwin along with Antonio Smith the Texans D is about as badass as it gets.  They do however, need to focus on their secondary.  Safety and Cornerback postion seems to be the most difficult to guage successfully based on college performance.  Go after some veteran talent out there on the free agent table and fix the holes down the field that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers found pretty quick.


Not saying Kubiak is a bad coach, there are worse trust me.  However, the NFL these days is certainly no place for conservative playcalling.  Kubiak needs to grow a set and stop running Foster up the middle when it's 3rd down and the parking lot to go.  Air it out damnit.


If you agree or disagree please feel free to leave comments.  Unless of course, you're a Cowboys fan....we all know your suggestions.