A new live DVD called "Live at River Plate" just came out, showcasing the band on last year's Black Ice tour, and there is a special 30th anniversary edition of the iconic "Let There Be Rock" concert film on the way, but what about new music? Singer Brian Johnson says the band is talking about it.

“We met about two weeks ago at the premiere of the thing and we started talking and just having a little dialogue about how we felt, anybody getting edgy, anybody getting bored. I’m just going, ‘Well listen, I think I’m fitting up to do another, if you want to get into the studio, I’d love to hear what you’ve got.’ So we’re just talking. We do that, we talk around the edges because nobody wants to be the one that says, ‘Well why don’t we just go in and do one!’ So, I’m quite excited that something might happen. It might take a while, you know.”

Meanwhile, you can read about Brian in his new book "Rockers and Rollers: An Automotive Biography", which is in stores now.  Look for the anniversary edition of "Let There Be Rock" coming out on June 7th. This film captured the band at the height of their "Highway To Hell" tour in 1979.

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