Apparently the folks over at VISD need to train their bus drivers a little better after a dismal first two days of school.

On Monday, Gavyn, a 5 year old autistic child was dropped off at the wrong school and was only discovered after he had been wondering the hallways.  What's worse?  Apparently a school administrator lied to his mother about where he was.  Not only that, but she was never told that her son would be switching buses before finally being dropped off at school.  Something Superintendent Jacklich said took ownership of and apologized for.

If that wasn't enough, also on Monday, 6 year old Konner was dropped off near a pasture near Brentwood subdivision by himself in the pouring rain.  Konner became disoriented and flagged down a passing by couple and asked for help.  Eventually, they were able to get enough information out of Konner to find out where he lived.  Konner said the bus driver was yelling at all the kids to "Shut up" and dropped him off at a spot that was not a designated bus stop.

I'm no expert on driving a school bus, but I believe school bus programs have been around long enough to work out the kinks and train drivers on proper bus routes and stops.  Hopefully VISD wakes up and realizes just how dangerous dropping a kid off near a pasture by himself can be.  Luckily the people who helped out Konner had every good intention of getting him home safely to his family.

Get it together VISD!