In case you haven't noticed, the Beef O'Brady's location here in Victoria mysteriously, and without warning, shut it's doors permanently on January 15th.

The stink of it? They had offered their place to host our first annual KLUB Rock N Roll Bowl not even a week before. Who does that?

Heather Boggs, senior director of marketing with Beef 'O' Brady's, said the business officially closed Jan. 15.

Abel Tamez, the Victoria franchise manager, declined to comment on why the business closed. Or why he promised to let KLUB use his location then shut down the business.

Guess that explains what kind of shady business person he is.

Meh, good riddance.

However, thanks to Las Palmas (who obviously know how to run a restaurant) the Rock and Roll Bowl will go on as scheduled January 25th from noon-2pm at their location.