Victoria may not be among the cities with the lowest unemployment rates across the nation, but we are certainly doing much better than most at a level of 5.5%. That according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in a report released just about a month ago. That number should also go down, as new companies are set to begin operation in the area. So, what does the rest of the USA look like? Here’s the story.

The nation’s unemployment rate is currently stuck at 8.3 percent, but in some cities, it’s much lower. So if you’re okay with relocating, where should you start your job search?

According to Forbes, many of the 21 cities with the lowest unemployment rates have a few things in common.

For starters, several have a state-run university or college in the region, and all those students coming and going create their own economic boom.

Others have robust health care or tourism industries, while some have strong regional industries — for example, quite a few cities on the list are in oil-rich North Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas.

Finally, a good number have fewer than 100,000 residents, which means the unemployment rate can change quickly depending on the month or season.


1. Bismark, ND – 2.8 percent
2. Fargo, ND – 3.5 percent
3. Lincoln, NE – 3.7 percent
4. Sioux Falls, SD – 3.9 percent
5. Iowa City, IA and Rapid City, SD – 4.2 percent
6. Grand Forks, ND; Midland, TX; Omaha, NE; and Council Bluffs, IA – 4.3 percent
7. Burlington/South Burlington, VT – 4.4 percent
8. Ames, IA and Portsmouth, NH – 4.5 percent
9. Dubuque, IA and Logan, UT – 4.7 percent
10. Billings, MT; Columbia, MO; and Odessa, TX – 4.9 percent
11. Oklahoma City, OK and Rochester, MN – 5 percent
12. Mankato/North Mankato, MN – 5.1 percent
13. Casper, WY – 5.2 percent